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I help people turn their half ass'd habits to intentionally consistent ones.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching
Intentional Consistency

“Stephen helped me work through my ability to ask questions about my thoughts, why I am thinking those thoughts, which thoughts serve/do not serve me, and the process to replace the negative ones.”

Fiona S., Entrepreneur

Fiona S., Entrepreneur

Chromatophore Coaching

Change Your HUE.

Hurdles, Unlock and Experiments.

What is 'The HUEmmunity'

‘The HUEmmunity’ will be a bi-weekly 2 hour live, interactive group coaching webinar where we will:

  • Identify your Hurdles.

  • Unlock intention AND consistency.

  • Develop small, repeatable Experiments.

In two hours, you'll walk away with a solid plan and up to three small, repeatable Experiments to try.

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE. To get started, click the link below.

“Stephen heped me realize if it is not scheduled, meaning it's not actually on my calendar, it doesn’t happen. So scheduling dedicated time toward my goals has made me more consistent.”

Feature Review

Noelle T., Author, Traveling Physical Therapist

<span>What is '<em>The HUEmmunity'</em></span>

Become The Next You

Learn proven techniques, strategies and systems to build intentional and consistent habits that align with your values and aspirations. Together, we create a customized plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

“I had limiting beliefs that I was not organised or structured. Stephen made me think about how disciplined and organised I've already been in order to achieve what I have in my sporting career. ”

Manu S., Professional Field Hockey Player

<span>Become The Next You</span>

Lasting Results

Chromatophore Coaching helps you develop the mindset and skills needed to sustain your new habits for the long term. We focus on creating lasting change that empowers you to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

“Stephen has been a fantastic coach, very empathetic and compassionate, providing me the space to figure out a lot of things on my own that I already knew deep inside by challenging me on some of them, as well as throwing some things as "food for thought" that also made me dig deeper.”

Feature Review

Anna N., Marketer, Entrepreneur, New Mom

Lasting Results

"Stephen was so kind and caring with what I was going through and really helped me to find clarity through it. I was able to figure out that I need to speak nicer to myself and give myself grace during the times that I need it the most. "

Lisa S., Sales and Education Executive

Frequently Asked Questions?

What kind of coaching certification/credentials do you have?

Stephen Schaeffer is a recent graduate of the Jay Shetty Coaching School. He is currently in the process of completing his ICF (International Coaching Certification) credential.

How much does 'The HUEmmunity' webinar cost?

The webinar is COMPLETELY FREE.

Will there be a replay, if I can't make the live call?

All participants will receive a copy of the recording within 36-48 hours.

Is there another group or resource available outside of the live call?

Chromatophore Coaching offers several life coaching packages beyond 'The HUEmmunity' webinar. For more information, please email [email protected]

What does follow-up look like?

Next steps and follow-up will be discussed with participants at the end of the webinar.

Who is Stephen Schaeffer?

Stephen is a 20+ year educator, working mostly with "idle" students (students who are re-engaging in their high school experience) using project based learning. He taught math, science, and technology.

A main component of his job was working beyond the classroom, helping address and deal with the various challenges his students were experiencing. This is where his life coaching career began.

After several years in the classroom, Stephen moved to Administration. It was there where his coaching chops truly expanded. Whether it was a challenge within the school, student personalities that didn't always work together, or coaching families through the multiple layers of the education system there was always an element of life coaching throughout his career. After 20+ years in education, Stephen decided to deepen his experience life coaching and pivot to become a certified life coach.

Prior to becoming an educator, Stephen was marine biology major in college. He is fascinated by the octopus, specifically their ability to seamlessly adapt to their surroundings. Chromatophore Coaching was inspired by the color organs in their skin called chromatophores. These cells allow the octopus to change their hue and texture, blending seamlessly with the vibrant tapestry of the sea.

In this case, HUE stands for Hurdles, Unlock and Experiment. Stephen piloted this technique over the years with his students, staff and families.

HUE is a three step process:

Step 1: identify your HURDLES.

Step 2: UNLOCK intention and consistency.

Step 3: develop small, repeatable EXPERIMENTS.

This technique has lead Stephen here with the launch of 'The HUEmmunity.'

Join 'The HUEmmunity'.

‘The HUEmmunity’ is a bi-weekly live, interactive, group coaching webinar where we utilize the HUE framework. In two hours, you'll walk away with a solid, actionable plan and up to three small, repeatable Experiments to try. LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE. To get started, click the link below.